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Blockchain is a groundbreaking technology that enables a variety of activities. One of the most popular in recent years is Play to Earn (P2E) crypto gaming platforms. These cryptocurrency projects have attracted significant interest from both investors and gamers, who appreciate the opportunity to enjoy gaming while potentially earning profits.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG) is a new crypto gaming project built on the blockchain. It seeks to establish a comprehensive ecosystem of blockchain-based mobile games designed to meet the needs of all players.

Launched in early 2023, here’s everything you need to know about Meta Masters Guild.

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Presentation of the Meta Masters Guild project

Meta Masters Guild (MMG) is a cryptocurrency initiative that seeks to establish the first Web3 gaming guild centered on mobile platforms. Essentially, a gamers guild is a group of players who come together to play video games as a team.

Crypto gaming guilds are modeled after this concept and function similarly. However, most crypto guilds focus on NFT blockchain games.

The primary goal of the Meta Masters Guild project is to develop a variety of high-quality mobile games integrated with blockchain technology. These games will form an ecosystem of decentralized games where users can earn rewards sustainably for their participation.

Currently, three games are in development: Meta Kart Racers (a racing game), Raid NFT (a turn-based strategy game), and Meta Masters World (an adventure and exploration game).

meta cart

Why invest in the Meta Masters Guild project?

Meta Masters Guild is an innovative project aiming to transform the mobile gaming industry. Its developers plan to leverage blockchain technology to establish a gaming ecosystem that generates stable revenues.

To reach its goals, Meta Masters Guild includes several key features worth highlighting.

A profitable investment

To maintain a cohesive ecosystem, all Meta Masters Guild (MMG) games will utilize a single currency: the Meta Masters Guild token ($MEMAG). Additionally, each MMG game will include an in-game rewards system called “Gems.”

Players can convert these Gems into MEMAG tokens, which they can then exchange for other cryptocurrencies or reinvest in the ecosystem in various ways.

The MMG platform’s design encourages players to invest both their time and money, ensuring that each player is fairly compensated based on their contributions.

An NFT sales store

The Meta Masters Guild project features an NFT store with intriguing items available on its platform. Many crypto experts view NFTs as the future of the cryptocurrency market, and NFT marketplaces have significantly impacted the crypto gaming industry.

MMG aims to be a leading platform for selling NFTs to the mobile gaming sector. It includes a feature that transforms it into an exclusive marketplace for playable NFTs.

According to the project developers, their platform allows game development companies to create playable NFTs and list them for sale.

Additionally, the MMG platform has a store where players can buy NFTs to use in various games.

meta master guild NFT store

A smart and convenient gaming platform to use

On the MMG platform, investors can utilize an administrator control center to monitor and manage all their activities.

Regardless of the items or cryptocurrency you own within the MMG ecosystem, they will be entirely yours. According to the project managers, all assets in the platform’s games are held, verifiable, and tradable on the Ethereum blockchain.

This approach not only supports the decentralization of the project’s future ecosystem but also significantly increases player interest and encourages asset purchases. Knowing that these assets are 100% tradable, immutable, and under their control, investors can invest with confidence.

A community of engaged players

When discussing video games, it’s crucial to mention gaming communities. For a multiplayer game to achieve true success, building an active community is essential. Many industry experts have stated that multiplayer games are nothing without their community.

A key objective of the Meta Masters Guild project is to cultivate and nurture a community of engaged players. By involving these players, the project managers aim to shape the future development of the ecosystem, ensuring the community is deeply involved in every decision-making process.

What are the different stages of the Meta Masters Guild presale?

The Meta Masters Guild project’s pre-sale commenced on January 11, 2023. With the project’s promising potential, several thousand dollars were raised within just a few hours. The project team explained that this was only the first phase of the pre-sale, with more phases to follow.

In the initial pre-sale phase, 70 million tokens were made available to investors, priced at $0.007 per MEMAG token. Subsequent phases will see an increase in the token price, with each MEMAG token costing $0.01 during the second pre-sale phase, and so forth. By the seventh and final phase, the price of one MEMAG token will be $0.023.

How to participate in the pre-sale and buy MEMAG tokens

Crypto pre-sale stands as a pivotal precursor to the launch of a cryptocurrency project, offering mutual benefits to both investors and the project team despite its inherent risks.

For the project team, the pre-sale serves as a vital platform to promote their token and secure necessary funds and resources for ongoing project development.

Investors, on the other hand, leverage the pre-sale to invest in a promising project with minimal initial investment, subsequently reaping profits as the project progresses through its phases and eventually launches.

Typically, token prices increase between pre-sale phases, enabling investors to profit, especially if they invest early. Moreover, potential price surges upon listing on exchange platforms further enhance profitability.

If you’re intrigued by the Meta Masters Guild project, early investment is advisable to maximize potential profits. To acquire MEMAG tokens, several important steps must be followed:

Step 1: go to the official project website

memag website

During the pre-sale phase, MEMAG tokens will exclusively be available on the official Meta Masters Guild website. Therefore, the initial step in the guide is to visit the official Meta Masters Guild website.

Step 2: link your crypto wallet to the official website

wallet memag

In most cases, buying any token during the pre-sale phase involves connecting your crypto wallet to the pre-sale site. Therefore, having an electronic wallet is essential if you intend to purchase MEMAG tokens.

Even if you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies and don’t have a crypto wallet yet, obtaining one for free is straightforward. While there are numerous crypto wallets available, Metamask is widely recognized as one of the best and most secure options.

Once you’ve downloaded and set up your crypto wallet, return to the pre-sale website and click on “Connect Wallet”. This step will link your wallet to the pre-sale platform, facilitating the purchase process.

Step 3: purchasing MEMAG tokens

Once your crypto wallet is connected to the official Meta Masters Guild website, the next step is to proceed with your purchase. To acquire MEMAG tokens, you’ll need to exchange either ETH tokens (Ethereum) or USDT tokens (Tether). Therefore, it’s crucial to ensure that you have these tokens in your wallet for the transaction.

If you don’t already possess ETH or USDT, you’ll need to obtain them first by purchasing them through an exchange platform like eToro or OKX.

Alternatively, if you prefer a more direct approach, you can purchase ETH directly through the official Meta Masters Guild website using the Transak platform, which accepts bank card payments. Please note that a minimum amount of €20 is required for this option.

Once you have acquired enough ETH or USDT tokens, simply specify the quantity of MEMAG tokens you wish to purchase by inputting this number into the website counter, and then click “purchase”.

After confirming the transaction via your crypto wallet, you’ll just need to await the conclusion of the pre-sale to transfer your MEMAG tokens to your crypto wallet. This can be accomplished using the “Claim” button on the official MMG website.

Tokenomics and other information about the project team

The total supply has 1 billion MEMAG tokens in circulation. Here is some useful information:

  • Token transaction fees (entry and exit): 3%
  • NFT royalty fee: 5% (paid to MMG treasury)
  • Individual purchase limit: unlimited
  • Game currency in all games

According to the information provided by the project team, the MEMAG ecosystem will consist of a total of 1 billion MEMAG tokens in circulation. Here’s how the MEMAG ecosystem is distributed:

SegmentRatioAmountVesting period
Ecosystem15%150,000,000Linear over 36 months
Reserve for the company10%100,000,000Linear over 36 months
Marketplace15%150,000,000Linear over 48 months
Team10%100,000,000Linear over 48 months
Liquidity5%50,000,000N / A
Exchange Listings10%100,000,000N / A
Presale35%350,000,000N / A

Project members

Social networks

MEMAG token price prediction

Predicting the trajectory of cryptocurrencies is notoriously challenging given their high volatility, especially for projects in the pre-launch phase.

In the case of Meta Masters Guild, the initial pre-sale phase is priced at $0.007 per token. Many analysts speculate that, depending on the number of pre-sale phases, the final token price could easily double or more compared to the initial offering.

The project appears to have significant potential for success, as it has already garnered attention from prominent crypto investors. Additionally, with some games already available and several others in development, the project seems to be on a promising path.


Crypto-based projects featuring Play to Earn functionalities are gaining immense popularity in the crypto gaming arena, largely influenced by the success of Axie Infinity. These platforms, leveraging blockchain technologies, present players and investors with numerous opportunities for profit.

The Meta Masters Guild Project stands as an excellent avenue for earning rewards in the virtual realm while mitigating some real-world drawbacks. Being built on the Ethereum blockchain ensures transparency for every action taken on the platform.

The project developers aim to craft a user-friendly platform offering a diverse range of games, all while prioritizing community input to establish a guild-like principle at its core.


What is the MEMAG token

The MEMAG token is the native cryptocurrency of the Meta Masters Guild, a blockchain-based gaming project.

How to buy MEMAG tokens?

To buy MEMAG tokens, visit the official Meta Masters Guild website during the pre-sale phase and connect your crypto wallet, such as Metamask. Ensure you have ETH or USDT in your wallet for the transaction. If needed, you can purchase ETH directly on the site using Transak with a bank card. Once connected, enter the number of MEMAG tokens you wish to purchase, complete the transaction, and, after the pre-sale ends, claim your tokens from the website.

Is the Meta Masters Guild project a scam?

Determining whether the Meta Masters Guild project is a scam requires thorough research and due diligence. Here are some steps you can take to evaluate its legitimacy:
Official Website and Documentation: Check the official Meta Masters Guild website for comprehensive information, including whitepapers, roadmaps, and team details.
Team Transparency: Verify the identities and backgrounds of the project team. Legitimate projects typically have transparent teams with verifiable credentials.
Community Feedback: Look for reviews and discussions on reputable platforms like Reddit, Twitter, and specialized crypto forums. Positive engagement and active community involvement can be good signs.
Partnerships and Endorsements: Investigate any claimed partnerships with established companies or endorsements from known figures in the crypto industry.
Regulatory Compliance: Ensure the project complies with relevant regulations and has no history of legal issues.
Tokenomics and Utility: Assess the project’s tokenomics and the practical utility of the MEMAG token. Legitimate projects usually have a clear use case and value proposition.
Independent Reviews: Seek out independent reviews and analyses from trusted sources in the crypto community.
By conducting these checks, you can make a more informed decision about the legitimacy of the Meta Masters Guild project.


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